Austria takes Auzom: An interview with FaZe MetoR

 20 nations, 80 players, and a whole lot of countrymen. The Auzom Nations Cup pitted nation against nation to determine which country has the better home soil squad. We sat down with Austria’s team captain FaZe MetoR to chat about his win, putting the team together, and international competition.

Heading into the event, were you excited? What was your prep like for something that's considered a "fun" event, did you still take it seriously and aim to 

win? Who did you consider your biggest threats?

We were excited because it's always fun to play with guys from the same country! We had absolutely zero prep for the event because of team schedules and no time but of course we take it seriously and aim to win.  After day one we considered our biggest threats to be Portugal, team France, and team Switzerland.

In your games, what did you make your decisions to drop based on? Since you said you had no practice, I'm assuming you didn't really discuss that as a team. 

We literally just drop where we see it’s free, it’s simply not worth it to fight in the early game so we drop where nobody else drops.

Playing as a makeshift roster, do you feel like you've been able to click and find synergy right away, or are you still getting used to each other?
I think we we clicked and found synergy right away. Austrian people are amazing when they have the same passion! 

There is a lot of debate around the circles right now, do you have any opinions or thoughts on what you think the current issues are and what you might do to fix them?

I personally like the current system of circles, but the final circles could move a bit slower and do more damage, and maybe speed up the mid game circles a bit.

And with so many online events, how do you choose which ones you want to participate in? How do you feel about events like this?

We always prefer to play the online events with the best teams in them. Since there is no MMR, you can’t play public games as a team so you can only train in 

tournaments and scrims.

I really like the international events, it brings people from their countries closer together.

How was the team chosen? 

I chose all my teammates myself by looking at their online tournament performance. Realistically speaking, here in Austria there aren’t many pro players so I was really 

happy with my picks.

What was your favorite moment from the event?

I think for me it was the Miniment clutch in game 2. We made a huge mistake and lost 3 players and he won it by himself. We definitely had a lot of momentum from there on.

Throughout the event, who gave you the most trouble? Do you want to see more events like this, perhaps in official capacity similar to the Overwatch World Cup?

I think the toughest opponent was Finland. I know their players very well and they are very scary. I would like to see more events like this, I really enjoyed it!

TPP or FPP,  and why? Do you think eventually the Western or Asian scene will have to adapt to one or another to really get to the next level so everyone is on the same page competition wise?

I didn't see much from the Asian scene and what i saw so far was not really impressive, I hope they will form good squads teams and join the FPP events!
I would definitely choose FPP here. More options, and it feels better in-game. 

Favorite weapon/attachment?

My favorite gun is the M4 with a 4x and full attachments with angled grip!  For my second gun I would like to run a SCAR-L with red dot and an angled grip, but in tournys you take what you can find.


I want to thank my team Austria players they are awesome!

Image credit: FaZe Clan, Auzom