Interview: Liquid Scoom talks the state of competitive play, patch 1.0, and resolutions for 2018

One of the most experienced players on the PUBG scene, having played thousands of hours across other BR

Scoom, the last time we spoke it was a chilly November day outside the Oracle Arena at IEM Oakland. How have you been since then?

Pretty good, after IEM, with the departure of Hayz, just been focusing on finalizing our roster to be fully prepared and ready for 2018. 

As we approach a new year, let’s take a little time to reflect. What was most memorable for you this year competitively? Outside of the game?

Most memorable moment for me was that game clutch at IEM Oakland to win game 5. 

Outside of the game I didn't have any one specific moment, but just attending and meeting other players at Dreamhack, Gamescom, and IEM Oakland was awesome!

You originally joined Team Liquid back in August and have now competed with them at multiple LAN’s and online tournaments. What has your time on Team Liquid been like? 

My time on Team Liquid has been incredible, it's pretty surreal to be in such an amazing organisation. They are fully supportive and helpful with whatever we need. Really couldn’t be any happier.

What is your role inside the team? What do you feel you provide to a team? What is your biggest strength? Where would you like to improve most?

My role is Captain/In-Game Leader. I feel like I bring a good atmosphere to the team. My biggest strength is probably having a strong mindset, not letting things get to me. 

In an RNG game like battle royale, a lot of things might not go your way so having a healthy approach to each game is extremely important imo. 

I would like to improve on having more decisive decision making. I have a lot of ideas and and strategies at any given moment, which sometimes overlap and delay my calls. I would love to improve this and be more sharp and be able to choose the most optimal without any delay.

Resolutions for 2018?

Take Team Liquid to the top of the PUBG scene. We had a decent run in 2017, proving to be one of the top EU teams, but it was not the results that I wanted. I wanna be winning LAN events in 2018 and I will work my heart out to get there. 2017 was just baby steps, 2018 is where we will go full out.

Hayz notably stepped down at the start of December, with the team currently running trials to find a replacement. What is that process like and what is the most important thing to you in filling the void left in Hayz wake?

We had open applications for people interested to trial for us, we had around 700 people apply, which made it really tough for us to shortlist people. We held some in-house solo games to see individual performance and then followed up by scrimming with them to see how they play under pressure and fit in with the team.

You’re not just an advocate, but an activist in the numerous debates around competitive settings that happen on social media and across the various pro Discord servers. What do you feel needs the most improvement right now?

I feel how the game runs in competitive play (circles wise) is not good. There is little to no action early game and a ton of rushed/chaotic action in the mid to late game, specifically circles four & five.

We have been testing with custom circles in scrims the past weeks that we all feel really happyabout. Basically making the initial circles smaller, followed by decreasing the shrinking times early game to speed things up a bit. In addition, we’ve been testing smaller shrinks and longer times added to the mid to late game circles. 

This allows more time for people to move around (even on foot) so more fluid fights can happen throughout the whole game, not only in one or two circles. 

You’ve spoken out on TPP vs. FPP in the past. Which do you prefer, and why? Do you feel TPP promotes “slow” gameplay? With TPP reigning dominant in Asia, do you feel the international scene will suffer if there is no consensus for how pro PUBG should be played?

Without a doubt I prefer FPP. I Feel the overall meta does not change but the fights you take are much better in FPP,  no holding behind trees or objects or proning, etc. TPP doesn't really promote slow gameplay per say. Just dumb gameplay tbh. I guess more stalemates in fights tend to happen in TPP. 

Initially the whole competitive PUBG scene was in favour of TPP when FPP came out. It took them some time to acknowledge that FPP made more sense. Just gotta hope Asia realises this as well. 

How are you enjoying 1.0 so far? How much better is the current patch than the previous for tournament play?

The number one issue we had in competitive was how bad the fps used to get. 1.0 has completely fixed this, which is amazing. There are still some slight rubberbanding issues that need to be cleared out though. 

Erangel or Miramar? 

Erangel, this is a tough question to answer though as we have thousands of hours in Erangel and very little in Miramar, especially competitively. My first impression though is that vehicles are not so great in Miramar as they are slower and much tougher to rotate with all the up and down of hills/ridges.

This makes the map less vehicle heavy, although there are spots where you can rotate on foot,there are still a lot of spots where it's very open and the terrain provides “fake” cover. This makes it much harsher than Erangel if the circle goes away from you imo. 

Also with the map being more open, if you are taking fights with teams it feels like you are exposing yourself much more to other teams.

We will see how my thoughts on this change in the coming weeks or months. But for now I amnot a fan. 

What do you want to see most in PUBG esports in 2018? What’s missing currently?

What I feel right now that is missing is a place to have good practice casually. Normal PUBG games don't really have a good or proper elo/mmr system, making the games very easy and kind of boring, and vastly different from actual competitive games.

Although we do have scrims and online leagues, it’s not enough. I wanna be able to practice properly against good players on a daily basis. 


Shoutout to all my fans for supporting and cheering for us. Also to Team Liquid for believing in us and the PUBG scene.