Interview with Interrogate

Who is Interrogate?

I am a 27 yr old PUBG addict. Previous Noble player now on Team Totality, I am playing in all leagues and tournaments because I love the’ thrill of competition.

What is your ideal loadout?

Well, if we are talking my absolute ideal it would be AUG + Groza. Realistically double M416 though.

How many hours in game do you have to date?

2780 hours.

Team Totality is currently 1st in the Auzom Premier League and 5th in Pubgonline, what can you tell us about you and your squads success thus far and how do you intend to maintain such performance moving forward? 

Our success comes from our consistency. We rarely place outside of top 10 and can make it to late game scenarios even with few alive. We also have some really awesome fragging power and great analytical skills during off times to improve from our mistakes and change our strategies on the fly.

Recently uploading a detailed TwitLonger regarding game breaking bugs in your opinion, you received a tremendous amount of feedback. Are you satisfied with the response you received from the competitive scene?

Yes, I am very satisfied with the response. The community clearly showed their support to the changes and having multiple PUBG Corp. people comment and like the changes I am confident it got through to the developers.

Did you receive any feedback regarding your TwitLonger from the development team at Blue Hole or any representative for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and are you happy with the response? 

Sammie and Tooner both responded and it seems like some of the issues can be fixed with relative ease. Sammie also had mentioned that they are in the process/already  expanded their esports team which is excellent news! I am really hoping to see some of the issues I mentioned on the TwitLonger on the upcoming development roadmap.

We recently had the chance to see teams from around the world compete in IEM Katowice such as Korea KSV, European Faze Clan and China LGD gaming, what would you say is the biggest challenge for north american teams on the international stage?

I don’t feel North America is doing anything too wrong. NA has placed well in all tournaments recently together with EU. I think NA and EU are very strong regions and will continue to be strong because the communities are really active in scrims and leagues to improve for the main stages.

General issue with the competitive community that recently has been receiving attention, 20 Team lobbies vs 16 team lobbies. What are your thoughts on this hot topic?

16 teams all the way. Less lag, more movement opportunities, and less third party by the entire map, it's just great and much better in my opinion.

With IEM Oakland experience under your belt how prepared are you and your team Totality for future Lan events and what does your squad plan to do in order to land a spot in future Lan events?

We feel we are very close to securing upcoming lan spots. We have upped our scrim practice by doing EU scrims AND NA scrims. We are practicing 6 days a week for 10+ hours and we are constantly improving and building that required chemistry to make it. The more we compete in these high pressure qualifier situations the easier it will become for us. 

In your opinion does competitive play give an incentive to take early fights if they could be avoided? For example, TeamTotality drops Severny West and another squad drops Severny  East, does TeamTotality quickly loot and take the fight head on or opt for a vehicle and transition to another position?

Taking early fights is never worth it because of losing supplies (ammo, meds, armor), losing team mates, and losing rotation time. If there are options to loot and escape we will always considerthat, but if there aren’t many options we have no issues to try to take out a squad and dominate the area.

Your thoughts on current tournament organizers and their ability to communicate with the Pro player competitive community.

I feel the communication with TO’s is great. They listen to feedback and they are always giving us updates and information through twitter or discord. Every TO is improving and expanding which is really nice to see.

If tournament organizers could come together and set a standard rule set for all competitive play, what type of settings would you like to see? For example, circle speeds, Loot tables, points per kill, etc.

All custom server settings must be standard between all TO’s (loot, circles, etc). I wish the scoring system was all standard with TO’s but I still don’t think any point system is 100% perfect. TO’s are getting close to finding great points systems but I think it will still take some time to perfect and create a STANDARD scoring system.

We see pro players transitioning into caster roles, do you see yourself ever deciding to become a caster for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and why?

My goal is to be a part of esports as much as I can. Preferably as a player because its always been a dream to compete in video games, but I can see myself doing casting or behind the scenes work for tournaments and events such as observing and managing. I love esports and I love PUBG, anything involving those I will be there.

If Sammie Kang aka poopiequeen was to offer you a job tomorrow to join the Blue Hole Esports team that is incharge of experimenting and conducting research for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, would you take it and why or why not? 

That would be an amazing opportunity to work for a game company that I have such a passion for. I would be hesitant to accept a job because of my lack of experience but would be an honor to work on something I enjoy so much.

Quick question: your thoughts on Fortnite, we see big name streamers moving from PUBG to fortnite. What does PUBG have to do in order to maintain its current user base in your opinion and do you see Fortnite winning the battle for best Battle Royale game at this given time?

In my opinion PUBG needs to make the game less stale to keep it competitive with Fortnite. I feel there needs to be things that keeps players coming back for more. Things such as better rewards, progression of some sort like leveling or achievements and a more detailed and in depth ranking system. 

They also need to continue to quickly fix bugs that keep popping up so people don’t keep having bad game experiences that make them not want to play anymore or “rage quit” as well as locking down cheaters. These issues cause people to just close PUBG and open up Fortnite.


Shout out to my org Totality and Shawn and my team mates for being awesome and shout out to Highground my day 1 boys for making the competitive community what it is today. Bunch of great players and awesome friends I’ve made over the last year.


About the author: MustacheDave is a content creator for PUBG.Net and a caster for PUBGOnline. Check him out on Twitter.