Q&A with WMM ZeNTTRiiX: "The ultimate goal is to be at the top of every league possible."

Recently qualifying into the Auzom Pro League at the top of Group B, we dove deep into the background of ZeNTTRiix as a player and how his previous experience led him to pursuing a career in professional PUBG, his opinion on the current debate around Miramar, and competing at IEM Oakland. 

Who is ZeNTTRiiX ?

When I was about 10 years old my Dad bought my brother and I a laptop, and that’s where it all started. My first FPS was Blockade3D, an absolutely horrible game but that's where I began building my love for FPS shooters and developing my aim. 

As I matured, I transferred to CS:GO where I reached Global Elite and decent stats on ESEA but nothing more than that. From there I went into Paladins and had my first successful showing in esports as some would say. I carried my team to top 5 in North America but the scene didn't seem to be going far, (little did I know i’d be playing for a huge org if I stayed) so I transferred to PUBG and quickly realized I was pretty good at the game. I started playing more and more with no sign of stopping. 

Now I’m here proudly standing at the top going against the best players in the world with my teammates. Went from playing in the garage to building a stream room!

What is your ideal loadout?

It changes with the meta a lot, but currently my ideal loadout is an M416 with a red dot/4x, and Kar98 with an 8x.

How many hours in game do you have to date?

I am currently at 1,500 hours, putting in a minimum of 50 hours a week. If I end up quitting my job expect me to be playing twice as much.

What role do you currently perform for your squad?

Currently my role on the team is main fragger so I usually end up running an automatic rifle for the close combat and a sniper for the long range encounters.

Your team, Where’s My Monitor, recently finished second place in PUBGonline 2017 finals in December and first place in Auzom qualifiers group B, what in your opinion attributed to your squads success thus far? 

Dedication. Our team will not stop improving no matter how good or bad we do, we always try to take the best from every situation to be able to improve, if something goes our way then we know it works so we analyze why it worked and if it doesn’t work then we look at why it didn't work and how we can fix it.

In your opinion moving forward should major tournaments continue to invite teams or should all teams qualify for tournaments?

Hmmm, tough question. If it had to come down to choosing I believe there should be invites, but I think the tournaments are doing it wrong. The tournaments are inviting orgs for exposure instead of teams for competitiveness. Also, there needs to be less invites, for example you can have 6 invites for the next LAN and make it top 3 NA and top 3 EU from the past LAN and have the rest qualify.

Recently making headlines was the Auzom decision to exclude Miramar for APL season two because of a majority of players voted no to the question “Should we include Miramar in Season 2?” What is your opinion, are you for or against Miramar and why?

I see a lot of potential for this map, although I think the choice was correct since it will take an abundance of time to know the map by heart, every ridge, every corner, every steep hill, but once we have some time to learn it more then I certainly believe it should be in the map rotation.

Where is your favorite drop spot in Miramar?

For the trolls I love going pecado, it’s my version of Free-For-All so I use it as an aim trainer since we don’t have that option and for comp we like going San Martin often.

If you could design Playerunknown's Battlegrounds next map, what environment would you place it in and why? 

I’ve always liked the idea of having a map in Rome, and having the Colosseum in the middle with all the old looking buildings everywhere as if we were back in time!

Quick question concerning Miami Flamingos, the team you previously had the opportunity to be part of before Where’s My Monitor, how was the experience at IEM oakland and what did you learn from attending your first LAN? 

It was more than just amazing, I loved IEM and I can’t wait to attend my next event! And I definitely learned that if you by yourself put everything you have into the game and the ones around you don’t then you won’t make it far, so the lesson for me was to find people that want it just as badly as I do, and trust me I want it very, very badly.

What is the next step for ZeNTTRiiX and Where’s My Monitor? Where do you see yourself in the next couple months?

Well so far we have been giving it our all and the results are showing, we are in APL, ESU, contenders and in GLL too but the ultimate goal is to be at the top of every league possible. And of course I want my team and I to find an amazing organization to represent and call a home.

Just for fun, on a Scale of  1 - 10 how toxic is the competitive community in your opinion? And why did you give it that rating?

I’d give it a 3. The community is surprisingly not that toxic. Of course with the exception of some people but as a whole I am more than happy with it, everyone at IEM was more than cool, I got

along with everyone and had an absolute blast!


Thank you to everyone that has been a supporter of my team and I, and I hope to never disappoint anyone with what I’m doing. I will continue to give it my all and try to make you all proud! 

I also want to give so much thanks MustacheDave and PUBG.net for this interview and opportunity to share my opinion! But a special thanks to my family for being so absolutely supportive ofme lately, I couldn't be happier! By the way, to anyone who is interested I will be done building my stream room soon and will start streaming non-stop so make sure you follow me on my social media to stay up to date!


About the author: MustacheDave is a content creator for PUBG.Net and a caster for PUBGOnline. Check him out on Twitter.