Q&A with eUnited Vegas: "Coaches and managers play a very important role in my opinion, they really help bring a team together."

One evening, eU_Vegas and I had a chance to queue up in some old fashioned Third-Person duo games and have a discussion on the impact of becoming a signed player at such a young age, and his thoughts on competitive PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Who is Vegas?

I am a professional PUBG player for eUnited, I live in San Diego California.

What is your role on eUnited?

My role on the team is a fragger/Sniper, if we get into a good position where we have a sniper my team will hand it to me so i can get picks.

Favorite load out? 

Fully stacked M4 with a holographic sight and a Kar98 with an 8x.

What Type of games did you play before PUBG?

I played a variety of games, lots of which were on console until I saved up and bought a gaming computer. Once that happened i started playing games like CS:GO and H1Z1, I really enjoyed H1 and logged almost 1000 hours on it and that is what got me into the battle royale genre. As soon as PUBG was released i fell in love with it immediately,

What teams did you play for before becoming signed?

I played for team RUSH for a while and  progressed as a player a lot until i was offered to start for 99 Problems. After a few weeks of playing with 99P we were offered to play for eUnited. 

Sixteen years old, still in highschool, how has becoming a pro player affected your life? 

It really has made my dreams come true and it really has changed my life in the sense that my parents finally understand why I put so much time into what I do and I believe that this job could make it possible for me to be in the industry for a long time and hopefully as a career. I couldn't be more thankful to eUnited, i hope to stick around for years to come.

Moving forward with competitive play and the maps Erangel vs Miramar, what do you expect to see?

I expect to see both maps mixed into the competitive pool and tournament organizers can decide how they would like to split the maps up.

How important are vehicles in the Miramar?

Vehicles aren't really that important, other than rotating during the first circle. After the first and maybe second shrink vehicles aren't a must-have like they are on Erangel.

Do you expect the Aqua Rail (jetski) to make an impact in competitive play?

Not at all. It has a low spawn rate and will likely not make any impact on gameplay

Age old question, Third person vs First Person PUBG competitive play what are your thoughts?

Personally i will play either or, but realistically first person is more competitive for obvious reasons. For example in TPP you can see people around corners, etc.

In your opinion what milestones should PUBG attempt to overcome in order to be considered  a top esport? 

The community needs to decide on a set of rules like FPP or TPP or Miramar or Erangel etc, then they need to host more LAN events. There are a ton of online events every week, organizers need to start hosting LAN tournaments and people will come. 

Will coaches become a  key  factor in competitive PUBG?

Coaches and managers play a very important role in my opinion, they really help bring a team together.

If so what job duties will the coaches perform to help the squad? 

Coaches can go over video from previous games and help the players improve as a team.

Do you have your eye on any up and coming newly formed squads within the pro PUBG scene? 

Totality with the addition of Interrogate can potentially be  the strongest NA team atm in my opinion and i feel like they can win some major championships with that roster. I also have my eye
on Gambino after their performance during Curse Trials.

Could you tell me eUnited’s biggest rival in PUBG? 

Our team doesn't have any enemies, although eUnited in all other games has a very friendly rivalry with Optic gaming so it should be interesting to compete against them in the future


I want to shout out Envy  and Totality for being really cool down to earth teams who are always very humble and always wanting to grind and improve as a team.

About the author: MustacheDave is a content creator for PUBG.Net and a caster for PUBGOnline. Check him out on Twitter