Looking back: aAa mini Q&A reflecting on IEM Oakland

Following their victory at IEM Oakland, we caught up briefly with against All authority to chat about their mental fortitude and maintaining a consistently high level of performance both online and on LAN.

mOnKeY, you performed consistently well across the board, putting up some of the highest kill numbers at the event at 13 and 1350 points. You mentioned before that you didn’t feel pressure on LAN, what helps you get into such a comfortable mindset?

Obviously, to think that we are going to play on lan, in an environment which is not familiar to me, I felt a little stress. From the moment games begins, I concentrate on what I have to do,  and the concentration leaves no place to the stress. I feel comfortable, and I forget all that there is all around.

You all performed extremely well throughout the tournament. Do you also feel the same way? What was your mindset like heading in?

We talked before traveling to Oakland. Playing on LAN was a first for us. We hoped that conditions would be ideal, but already knew about the sound issues, and that we wouldn’t feel as relaxed as we do playing at home. Now, following the example of Monkey, we felt the same; The game begins, and we are able to focus and communicate efficiently. 

Most importantly, We trust each other, that’s what helps us feel comfortable.

You’ve already returned to playing in the online leagues, placing 3rd in the final weekly qualifier for GLL and are one of the highest overall rated teams in the event. What goes into your practice regimen? How do you remain at a high level of play day in and day out?

We participate in scrims organized between pro players, and we participated in as many online tournaments as we can, which gives us a strong understanding of the meta and how to play with or against it. In ladder play, duo vs. squad is also good training.

Favorite weapon/attachment combo?

Monkey : M16, x4

Oraxe : SCAR-L, red dot sight

Shadow1k : SCAR-L, x4 scope

Shiv : M16, x4 scope


We want to give a shout-out to aAa Président, Chapter, and to our manager, Sealph, for supporting us throughout IEM, and thanks to the PUBG community for supporting us every day since the beginning.

Credits: @ericananmalay and @aAa_PUBG