PUBG 101: Weapons Guide, The M416

In PUBG there are over twenty five unique weapons that can be found scattered across the island. This week we’ll be focusing on the five most common and deadly, the assault rifles.

If you’re looking a weapon that can grow with you as you progress through a match, the M416 is for you. This killing machine is the only assault rifle that can house all five attachments at once and with each addition it only gets stronger. The M416 is arguably the most versatile weapon in the game, and in the right hands it can quickly become an unstoppable force. Let’s take an in depth look at the M416, it’s attachments, and when you should use it.

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Best attachments

The M416 is the only assault rifle that has access to house all five modifications. Sight, Muzzle, Magazine, Foregrip, and even Stock.

For close range combat the red dot, holosight, and 2x optics are all viable and become personal preference. The only major drawback this weapon features in terms of optics are that its iron-sights can be clunky and difficult to get used to.

This weapon handles at long range quite well. Both the 4x and 8x are great options for it as once the M416 is fully modded it has very manageable recoil. This weapon falls somewhere between the AKM and the M16 when it comes to battling at range. It won’t pack as much of a punch as the AKM but it is significantly easier to tap fire while offering similar bullet velocities to that of the M16.

The M416 without a muzzle attachment still offers great recoil control, because of this we recommend a suppressor over a compensator. The suppressors’ tactical advantage is too powerful to miss out on, and lacking a compensator on the M416 makes little difference.

When it comes to foregrip attachments the angled grip proves to be the best at mitigating horizontal recoil. This will keep the M416 spraying vertically which is significantly easier to control in tense moments.

The M416 is also the only assault rifle to have access to the Tactical Stock attachment. This stock will help you reduce weapon sway, and recoil, while increasing your recoil recovery speed. The tactical stock is a vital attachment to building a strong M416 try to obtain one as soon as possible.

When you should use it

The M416 is a very modification driven, but that being said it still handles well without any. You’ll want to pick up as many mods for it as you can as quickly as possible. Prioritize finding a close range optic as soon as you can, with its clustered iron sights the weapon struggles at medium range until you equip a sight.

This weapon handles exceptionally well in urban or forested areas. With a high rate of fire and low recoil the M416 proves to be one of the best medium range assault rifles in the game. Don’t be afraid to burst manually with this weapon, because of its low recoil 3-5 round bursts are very easy to control even at medium range. With its high rate of fire you should have no problem outbursting players that are carrying SCARs or AKMs.

How to incorporate it into gameplay

When it comes to tap firing this weapon falls short of its long range counterpart, the M16A4. Try to lean on the M416’s burst and spraying strengths. It can’t deal as much damage as the AKM shot for shot, but what it lacks in power it makes up for in control.

The M416 is one of the three primary 5.56 rifle class weapons in the game meaning there will be plenty of ammo both in towns and on player-bodies, so don’t be afraid to spray and pray your way into the endgame.

As far as bullet velocity goes the M416 comes in second place. It’s bullet velocity is very high at 880 m/s meaning it won’t take long for your rounds to travel great distances. However the M16A4 boasts 900 m/s and thus is still better at long range engagements.

The M416 is arguably the most versatile weapon in all of PUBG. With its ability to handle close, medium, and long range encounters well you should feel confident in this weapons capabilities once it's fully modded.


  • The M416 is viable without mods, but with them it becomes a killing machine.
  • A fully modded M416 can decimate targets with a solid burst.
  • Try to utilize this weapon in close or medium range engagements.
  • Two firing modes, Single and Automatic.
  • Initial bullet velocity of 880 m/s
  • The M416 has the second fastest bullet velocity of all the assault rifles.

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