PUBG 101: Weapons Guide, the SCAR-L
While not necessarily being the ‘top in its class’ for any one category, the SCAR-L is an excellent all around weapon that can be proficient in any manner of shooting.

In PUBG there are over twenty five unique weapons that can be found scattered across the island. This week we’ll be focusing on the five most common and deadly, the assault rifles.

The SCAR-L is truly a jack of all trades, and in PUBG it’s one of the few weapons that can easily fill any role necessary. From hip firing at full auto to tagging targets at range, the SCAR-L blurs the line between the M16A4, and the M416. Let’s take an in depth look at the SCAR-L, it’s attachments, and when you should use it.

Best attachments

The SCAR-L offers four attachment slots. Sight, Magazine, Grip, and Muzzle.

Because of the SCAR-L’s nature as the jack of all trades, almost any attachment setup is viable with this weapon. For close range combat, the red-dot, holosight, and 2x are all powerful optics, and ultimately this is personal preference. However as always we recommend the red dot for close quarters as it's housed in a small metal border making it very easy to track your target compared to the holosight.

If you plan on using this weapon for close to medium range as a brawling rifle, you should focus on getting your hands on an angled-foregrip. The angled grip will help reduce horizontal recoil which is significantly more difficult to account for than vertical recoil when spraying or bursting.

When it comes to long range the 4x is preferable with this weapon as the SCAR-L still has a light kick to it. The 8x is equally viable, but if you’re planning on dedicating the SCAR to long range we recommend also prioritizing a vertical fore grip to help reduce the vertical recoil.

As far as muzzle attachments go the assault rifle suppressor will almost always trump all. It’s tactical advantages are too significant to be passed up on for recoil reduction. However if you find yourself consistently ending up in close to medium range engagements, a compensator will help make this rifle even easier to control than it already is.

When you should use it

Depending on your attachment loadout this weapon can be utilized in almost any given situation that can occur in PUBG. It handles great at close to medium range, and with the right optics and foregrips it can even perform quite well at long range.

Because of its light and easy to control recoil the SCAR-L makes spraying feel easy and consistent. Just prioritize finding an angled foregrip and a compensator if you plan on throwing thirty rounds at every enemy you see.

In the early game this weapon struggles slightly because of its extremely poor ironsights. You should focus on finding an optic for this weapon as soon as possible, the moment you do this weapon becomes exceptionally viable at winning early game fights.

How to incorporate it into gameplay

Because the SCAR-L fits the jack of all trades role, it must also be noted that it is indeed the master of none. When it comes to the other 5.56 assault rifles, the SCAR-L comes in third place for both muzzle velocity and rate of fire. This means in a long range competition an M16A4 will be easier to reach out and touch targets with, and in close range the M416 will most often win a shot-for-shot spray down.

The SCAR-L however creates a happy middle ground between both of the other 5.56 assault rifles making medium range competition a breeze. Try to focus on engaging targets at medium range and rely heavily on bursting to land as many shots on target as possible. The SCAR makes a great general purpose weapon and it should be used as such.


  • Identical hit damage to other 5.56 weapons
  • The SCAR-L is the slowest firing assault rifle in PUBG.
  • With access to four attachment slots, the SCAR-L is very versatile.
  • Try to focus on using this weapon in medium range engagements.
  • Utilize the compensator and angled-foregrip if you plan on spraying with this weapon.
  • The flash hider and vertical foregrip unlock strong long range capabilities for this rifle.

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