PUBG Console Unlikely to be Released by PC 1.0

On October 16th, notes for PUBG’s latest patch were released. Along with it, PUBG devs included the plans for the near-future 1.0 release and Xbox ‘Game Preview’. In the update, the devs disclose that they’ve been using an internal build of the game to test vaulting & climbing, the desert map, new vehicles, and they also mentioned a 3D replay feature.

From this point on, Bluehole has declared that they will be heavily focusing on stabilization and working towards the 1.0 release. “... we wont have any plans to deploy patches to live servers except for this week” Bluehole stated in their update. The new climbing and vaulting mechanics will be tested for at least a month in three phases, so get those Test Servers redownloaded if they’re not already!

From what it sounds like, the Xbox version of the game may not be ready for full release by the time PC 1.0 is. Who knows what will be included in this “Game Preview”, it certainly doesn’t sound like the full release.

By Harrison Silverstein