Q&A with aAa mOnKeY: "The desert map could change the game. It could be the new esports map."

After an impressive set of performances on Day 1 at IEM Oakland 2017,  we sat down with Benjamin “mOnKeY” Lartigue to discuss mindset, playing on LAN, and changes to competitive play.

You recently won Curse Trials and have been doing well in all the online leagues, how did it feel to play against some of those same teams here?

It was good. To be honest, all the teams played pretty much the same as they do online, there really wasn’t that big of a difference. It is really awesome to see all the teams and players here in person and be able to talk to them and hangout. Especially the FaZe and PENTA guys, they’re really cool.

Now that you’ve competed in 100, 80, and 64 player matches, what do you feel is best?

I prefer 64 for sure because 80 causes too much lag late, especially when there are a lot of vehicles. 64 is good for that.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming map and it’s impact on the competitive scene?

The desert map could change the game. It could be the new esports map, I’m excited for it.

Have you gotten a chance to play on the test server? How’s vaulting?

Vaulting is good, but it doesn’t change the game or the meta at all. It’s just a fun little side addition that doesn’t really impact much.

Also - the new 15x scope is good but the 8x is weird. I think they should change it so it locks your zoom based on your own preference instead of having it reset every time.

You were telling me you felt like you had some complaints about the circle, elaborate?

It just feels like the circle is a bit too slow early, and too fast later on. They should slow it down in the late game so we have time to fight teams. Right now, it feels like it’s just scrambling for position instead of fighting, and it’s impossible without a vehicle.

Favorite weapon?

Definitely SCAR-L with an x4 scope, and an AK with a red dot.

You look calm, what’s your mindset like playing on LAN and closing out day 1?

I feel calm. I’m very relaxed on LAN, I don’t really feel any pressure. The atmosphere of the venue feels so good.

Thanks to all our fans for cheering us on, we appreciate everyone and are glad we can make the French community proud.

Interview by: @Caaymus

Photos by: @ericananmalay & @ESL