PUBG 101: Weapons Guide, The M16A4 ft. AndyPyro, Interrogate, SmaK, and FaustoCoppii
At IEM Oakland, the M16 was responsible for the deaths of 147 pros - making it the deadliest gun of the entire tournament. But what made it so? Here are some tips and tricks for how and when to use the popular assault rifle on Battlegrounds.

In PUBG there are over twenty five unique weapons that can be found scattered across the island. This week we’ll be focusing on the five most common and deadly, the assault rifles. If precision is your style, then the M16A4 is for you. If you take your time and line up your shots, this weapon proves to be deadly at almost any range. Be warned however the M16A4 is the only assault rifle that doesn’t offer full auto, forcing you to place your shots by hand and not rely on holding your trigger finger down. Let’s take an in depth look at the M16A4, it’s attachments, and when you should use it.

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Best attachments

The M16A4 offers three attachment slots, Sight, Muzzle, and Magazine. Similar to the AKM the M16A4 has no stock, or foregrip attachment meaning there is little in terms of customization, but this makes the weapon is easy to kit out quickly.

For close range combat we recommend the Red Dot Sight above all else, as it offers the least obstructed view and will allow you to keep your target centered on screen much easier than the holo-sight. That being said, the 2x comes in close second as its equally viable for close and medium range combat and comes with the added benefit of magnification for longer range engagements.

When it comes to long range either the 4x or 8x work fantastically with this semi-auto rifle. Due to its low amount of recoil and high muzzle velocity, the M16A4 makes an amazing long range weapon.

As for muzzle attachments, all three are quite interchangeable and benefit the weapon in different ways. The M16A4 is one of the few assault rifles where having a flash-hider is equally comparable to having a compensator. Because the recoil on the M16A4 is so light the flash-hider performs almost as well as the compensator while hiding your muzzle flash and making you more difficult to spot at range in the process. However both of these are trumped by the infamous assault rifle suppressor.

When you should use it

This rifle excels at very-close, medium, and long range combat allowing it to be a multi purpose rifle that you can carry with you from the beginning to the end of a match. Not only is the M16A4 very commonly spawned throughout the island, but with it’s low amount of attachments you can easily have a fully modded M16A4 in your hands within the first few minutes of any game.

Utilize the M16A4’s tap firing precision for plinking enemies at long range while preserving its burst capabilities for very close range. Burst fire, when spammed on the M16A4 allows this rifle to reach the highest firing rate of all the assault rifles making it very deadly in close quarters. Burst firing however can make this weapon very inaccurate and as such you should only use burst fire for engaging targets that are closer than 20 meters.

If you have an interest in using the M16A4 you should plan on having to spam left click as quickly as you can. In medium range engagements you won’t have the luxury of full-auto and as such you’ll need to spam left click to keep up with players who are spraying. The M16A4’s lack of recoil really shines here however, while other players are spraying and potentially missing tons of shots, your rounds should all be rapidly landing center mass.

How to incorporate it into gameplay

Focus on this weapon’s precision capabilities, you’ll almost always want to keep this weapon in semi-auto as burst is very unwieldy unless your targets are close to you. Because you’re lacking full auto you’ll want to prioritize either keeping your enemies close, or far. Medium range engagements with the M16A4 can be more difficult than necessary considering you’ll have to take them in semi-auto.

With the M16A4 boasting the highest muzzle velocity out of all of the assault rifles, you won’t need to lead your target as much making moving targets easier to hit at range. You should prioritize using this weapons strengths at long distance and try to mitigate close range engagements as much as possible.

When it does come to close range engagements, don’t forget about burst. The M16A4 is very capable at clearing houses or pushing enemies in trenches as its burst fire allows the weapon to reach a fire rate unobtainable by the other assault rifles. In close range combat the M16A4 will win shot-for-shot between two equally geared players due to this.

What pros say

Many pros responded to a tweet inquiring about the popularity of the gun at IEM Oakland - and why it resulted in so many kills.

Interrogate from Noble eSports, the kill leader (16) of the tournament, explained: “[M16’s are] common to find and are one of the strongest AR's close range with burst and long range with single. Uses/needs very little attachments to have its full strength, whereas the Scar-L and M4 depend more heavily on attachments.”

SmaK from TSM added, “[it is] very common to find and is often used for long range shooting because of high bullet velocity. There are lots of long range fights in high level play.”

AndyPyro from Method gave a nod to SmaK with a simple “This” in reply.

FaustoCoppii from Digital Chaos, on the other hand, attributes most of the popularity of the gun to its ready availability, stating: “Mostly just because it’s the most common AR though.”


  • The M16A4 has very cluttered ironsights, prioritize finding a sight as soon as possible.
  • This rifle should be used in close, and long range engagements.
  • Burst fire allows this rifle to reach the highest rate of fire out of all assault rifles.
  • If you can’t find a compensator, the flash hider will work equally well with this rifle.
  • The M16A4 lacks full auto, making medium range engagements difficult for it.
  • Don’t be afraid to spam-fire the M16A4, it’s low recoil makes rapid fire very manageable.

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